1 Element At A Time

Support your goals for wild joy and deep fulfillment with stand-alone services from the 5 Element Mentoring Program.


Ayurveda: The First 2 Steps ($190)

The First Step is a two-visit package that allows you to understand your unique constitution and what may be out of balance, detracting from optimal health. The first visit, the Initial Consultation, is a two-hour, comprehensive evaluation of your health history, lifestyle, body structure, and bodily functioning. The second visit, the Report of Findings, will provide you with educational information on your constitution (body and mind), in addition to opportunities to heal, restore balance, and help prevent disease.

The First Step is a sweet start to gaining a rich self-understanding through the wonderful world of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda: Check-in ($95)

Sometimes, touching base is all we need to propel us toward our optimum health, aspirations, and total wellbeing.

The Check-In is a single visit that allows you to receive a simple evaluation of your personal program and to receive practical suggestions to propel you forward in your journey to optimize your overall well-being.


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy ($95)

Certified in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Stacy implements this modality to further guide you to uncover your true potential for a life worth celebrating.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing modality. This is a deep subconscious process different than hypnosis. It is practiced in a relaxed state of consciousness to get underneath self-sabotaging patterns of behavior and agreements that are now keeping us stuck in life. This type of hypnotherapy goes straight to the source of the "faulty" programming that we have been running on. We can talk about our patterns or concerns over and over in the conscious mind, but in order to change the programming we have to access it through the subconscious. People emerge from these sessions feeling free of their inner judgment, shame, guilt, anger, grief, jealousy, abandonment, loneliness, and anxiety.


Yoga ($40)

Yoga fosters a unity of the body, mind, and spirit that has often been lost to the fray of modern living. From a physical standpoint, a regular yoga practice has been proven to reduce stress, boost emotional wellbeing, increase strength and flexibility, improve cardiovascular fitness, manage weight, and enhance vitality. Though many may start a yoga practice for its physical benefits, they often find that their practice begins to affect other aspects of their lives. Yoga practitioners may begin to make more mindful choices and pay closer attention to their relationships with partners, family, and friends. They may even begin to develop greater compassion for themselves and the world around them.

As you learn to understand what you want and need and who you want to be, individualized yoga can profoundly contribute to your entire wellbeing, allowing you to enhance your self-awareness, develop self-mastery, counter imbalances, and experience life with peace, confidence, and equanimity.


Vedic Astrology (Full Life Reading - $125)

Jyotish, or "Science of Light", is an ancient system of astrology, astronomy, and numerology that can reveal insight into our past, present, and future. In this 90-minute reading, you will learn where the planets were at birth and valuable guidance into all areas of your life: right livelihood, relationships, strengths, and challenges. You will discover how the planetary cycles (Dashas) influence your life's rhythms and receive practical remedial measures to heal planetary afflictions and alleviate areas of difficulty.

The Full Life Reading creates a profound layer of self-awareness can help you understand your patterns and optimize your potential to express your true destiny.