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To Ryan Strong, my friend and practitioner who continues my education and keeps me in balance. 

To Sarah Marquez, my friend, partner in yoga crime, website creator, and wordsmith.

To Richard Fisher, for supplying my patients with personalized, handcrafted, and lovingly prepared formulas.

To Durga Leela, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Ayurveda.

To the California College of Ayurveda, for the opportunity to have rich and effective one-on-one distance education that equipped me to accessibly offer Ayurveda in the West, and for the opportunity for me to give back by serving as an Intern Supervisor.

To Banyan Botanicals, for keeping me and my patients supplied!

To all the teachers, sages, and gurus of the ages, who paved the way for me to study, live, and share this sacred tradition--I am eternally grateful.